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*Blog Tour* Orkney Twilight and The Salt Marsh by Clare Carson




Publication Date: 16th June 2016

Price: £18.99

Praise for The Salt Marsh:

“A very well-written first novel… an original and absorbing read”  LITERARY REVIEW (on Orkney Twilight).

A haunting thriller set in the windswept marshes of Kent and Norfolk,

from the author of Orkney Twilight


It is a year since Sam’s father died, but she cannot lay his ghost to rest. Jim was an undercover agent living a double life, and Sam has quit university to find out the truth about his work. Her journey will take her from the nightclubs of 80s Soho to the salt marshes and shingle spits of Norfolk and Kent. Here, in a bleak windswept landscape dotted with smugglers’ huts and

buried bones, Jim’s secret past calls to her like never before. Now Sam must decide. Will she walk away and pick up her own life? Or become an undercover operative herself and continue her father’s work in the shadows…


Lookers Hut

An article about a location from Clare’s book.



Clare Carson is an anthropologist and works in international development, specializing in human rights. Her father was an undercover policeman in the 1970s.   She drew on her own experiences to create the character of Sam, a rebellious eighteen year old who is nevertheless determined to make her father proud.

Clare lives in Brighton, and is available for interview.

_Carson_author pic_47-IMG_3075B&W.jpeg

For more information, please contact Suzanne Sangster on or call 020 7553 7992

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