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*Review Tour* Wicked Hearts by Amber Kelly

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Title: Wicked Hearts (Poplar Falls 3)
Age Group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 14, 2020

Designed by: Sommer Stein

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A new friends-to-lovers small town romance from Amber Kelly…

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 

My big brother and I landed in the care of my aunt and her husband after my parents died in a tragic accident when I was three-years-old. I grew up smothered by love from a family that knows what the bitter sting of loss feels like.

Living under that umbrella afforded me the ability to grow up with the security needed to try my every whim… and I have, now it’s time to figure out who I want to be.

My family would love for me to settle down with someone grounded and successful like the sexy new vet in town.

I like him, but I am restless.

I don’t want to be grounded. I want to ride the wind.

Walker Reid has worked on my family’s ranch for years. He’s like a son to Uncle Jeff and my brother’s closet friend. He is a sexy devil, drinks too much and likes to live wild and free.

I’m drawn to him. Maybe he’ll finally be the one to help me let go and find where I belong. Or maybe my brother will kill us both.


Rachael’s Review:

Oh, where to even begin with Wicked Hearts. I have fallen in love with Amber’s writing and with each new story, she continues to grow even more and develop even deeper characters for me to fall in love with.

Elle and Walker’s story is simply everything I crave in a Contemporary Romance. Back to Poplar Falls we go again, this time with Elle (Braxton’s sister from Rustic Hearts) and his best friend Walker. As these two have grown up around each other, their connection has always been there, but each of them has kept it to themselves. As their story begins to unfold, their chemistry is simply some of the most swoon worthy I’ve read. Their sweet banter and flirting are so refreshing to experience, and I simply fell in love with Walker! This story is packed with emotion and Amber has put so much heart into this one, you can truly feel everything these characters feel.

I was blown away, yet again by this installment and I can’t wait to go back to Poplar Falls again!


Amanda’s Review:

Will there be love?

Wicked Hearts by Amber Kelly is just that. Will there be love? Elle wants to be in love. Why is it that we must be friends? There is so much more…. Cozy up and enter the Colorado Mountains for a snowstorm that leads to much more…. Grab your coffee…. Blanket, kindle copy or a copy of this read…. This book is a must…


About the author:KatieEdit

Amber Kelly is a romance author that calls North Carolina home. She has been an avid reader from a young age and you could always find her with her nose in a book completely enthralled in an adventure. With the support of her husband and family, in 2018, she decided to finally give a voice to the stories in her head and her debut novel, Both of Me was born.

You can connect with Amber on Facebook at, on IG @authoramberkelly or on twitter @AuthorAmberKel1.


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