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*Blog Tour with Review* Both of Us by Amber Kelly

We’re celebrating the release of Both Of Us by Amber Kelly!

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Title: Both Of Us (Cross My Heart Duet)
Age Group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 20, 2019

Designed by: Sommer Stein

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After running away across the country, Brie Masters is finally settling into her life in California. She’s surrounded by loving friends and her brother, who is there to keep her safe—specifically, to protect her from a man from her past who won’t let her go.

But, as the danger starts affecting those around her, she flees back home, back to the life of Gabby Mastreoni.

When her stalker goes after the one thing that could hurt her forever, she has no choice but to run to the last person she wants to ask for help. And then all of her secrets will be exposed.

*Both of Us is book two in the Cross My Heart Duet.

My Review

Where to begin. This for me was one of the top things I’ve been looking forward to this year. After reading the first half of Gabby and Cross’ story, I have been dying in anticipation to see if they will get their HEA. As a new author, Amber has blown me away with this story and how original it really was. Having read over 1300 books in the past 7 years, nothing compares to this. It’s unique in so many ways and that made me attach even more to it. Gabby/Brie has a fight ahead of her and seeing everything unfold in this second half of their story was truly astonishing. Just when she thinks she’s safe from her past, Cross shows back up into her life and flips everything upside down. The past that could do her more harm than good is closing in on her, and she has to navigate the waters she is now in as Brie, while still deep down surrendering to her past and to Gabby. There is not much more to say than this story was truly everything I wanted it to be, and I can’t wait for the next story from Amber, as her writing at such an early stage in her writing career is nothing shy of phenomenal! Bravo!


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Gabby Mastreoni has been in love with Christoff Scutari since she was four years old. Their fathers are in the same business, and nearly twenty years later, their families remain close. With four older brothers, Gabby leads a protected and sheltered life—until she and Christoff cross a line, and she discovers that love can hurt people.

Brie Masters left everything and everyone behind to begin again. Starting over in California, she’s found her new home. She soon learns though that she can run away from her past, but it will always be there. No matter how many miles she puts between herself and her former life, she is still running, reinventing herself—so much so that she’s not even sure who she is anymore.

And she has to ask herself, “Am I Brie, or am I still Gabby?”

*Both of Me is book one in the Cross My Heart Duet.


About the Author:

Amber Kelly is a romance author that calls North Carolina home. She has been a avid reader from a young age and you could always find her with her nose in a book completely enthralled in an adventure. With the support of her husband and family, in 2018, she decided to finally give a voice to the stories in her head and her debut novel, Both of Me was born. You can connect with Amber on Facebook at, on IG @authoramberkelly or on twitter @AuthorAmberKel1.

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