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*Blog Tour with Review* Lock by Debra Anastasia




I met her among the chaos of a gang fight – one that I inadvertently started.
Beautiful, feisty, and passionate. And the sister of Mercy, an infamous assassin.
We fell for each other, hard. Until forces outside of our control intervened.
Now, she’s a prisoner, doing everything she can to keep her family safe. And I’m her guard, doing everything I can to set her free. I’d take a bullet for her…Hell, Iā€™d take a few.
In this dark, twisted world, we only have each other. But I have to wonder, is that enough?
LOCK in gorgeous PRINT

My Review


The whole series is in KU! That’s a lot of story for your holiday vacation. This series has received RAVE reviews.
ā¤ļøā˜ ļø MERCY:
ā¤ļøšŸ… HAVOC:

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