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*Release Blast & Review* Badd Kitty by Jasinda Wilder



Just when you thought we had run out of Badd
Meet Roman Badd, one of a set of triplets, each bigger and badder than the last. If you thought the original Badd brothers were sexy, foul-mouthed alphas, just wait till you meet these three sexy-as-sin, long-lost Badd cousins…
Roman is a smokejumper, an elite member of the US Forest Service who parachutes into the most rugged and remote terrain to combat out-of-control wildfires unreachable even by hotshots. He’s brash, domineering, and an expert at seduction.
Kitty Quinn is the exact opposite. The head server at Badd’s Bar and Grille, she’s the daughter of a philosophy professor and a kindergarten teacher: sweet and kind, and with a persona of innocence and purity—catnip for the ravenous lion that is Roman Badd. She knows she’s in way over her head with him, but this good girl has enough inner strength and confidence to stand up to Roman’s hard-charging, take-what-he-wants attitude.
Can she get past his foul mouth and unapologetically rapacious sexual appetite to the good, kind man she wants to believe lurks beneath, or is Roman Badd as wild and untamable as the fires he fights?



My Review

Jasinda never ceases to amaze me with each new book. While I thought the Badd Brothers series was wrapped up and complete, then she surprises me with a new Badd Brothers book. Only this time, we get the Badd cousins. Throughout that series I held onto the twins as my favorite, but these set of cousins might just give the twins a run for their money in my eyes.

I was curious how much deeper she could get into the story of this family, but she has astounded me yet again. In Badd Kitty we get the story of Roman Badd. He’s a part of the US Forest Service and jumps into fires to fight the fight! He’s a very strong and dominating character who I fell head over heels for instantly! Kitty is working at the Bar and Grille and she seems sweet as pie from the start. But she too is drawn to this unapologetic domineering persona. We get action, adventure, steam and everything angsty we want in a good romantic entanglement.

The attraction between these two is so captivating, I sometimes just don’t know how Jasinda does it. How she’s able to keep the fire between two characters and especially when we are on book 9 of a series. She has kept the “Flames” going throughout this series, and especially this book. There is risk involved in a relationship between these two, but when isn’t there? We also get more of the Badd’s so that is NEVER a Badd thing. I am so excited we now get 3 new books to this series and can’t wait to see what else Jasinda has in store for us.


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