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*Release Blast with Review* Unmerciful by Cat Miller


by Cat Miller
Publication Date: May 22, 2018
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

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Being a vampire sure bites…

Lindsay Roselle’s biggest worry should have been what to wear under her gown at her college graduation, not how she was going to survive the night as a newly turned vampire. After catching the attention of the Rogue, a vampire out to destroy the Vampire Nation, Lindsay was forced to undergo the change herself. Convinced she’s fated for an end worse than death, Lindsay had all but given up until she’s rescued…by the last person she ever expected to see again.

Kayden Paris wasn’t anything like the playboy Lindsay remembered from the night they shared together…and she wouldn’t have forgotten the fangs. Kayden is the heir to his vampire clan and son of the mightiest warrior in the Vampire Nation, but even he may not be able to heal all the wounds Lindsay suffered at the hands of the Rogue.

In a life fraught with secrets, lies, and deadly enemies, Lindsay must first learn to trust herself in order to survive.

My Review

I LOVE THE FORBIDDEN BONDS SERIES. In the 3rd installment of the Forbidden Bonds series, we finally get Lindsey and Kayden’s story. Since I first found Cat Miller years ago with the 1st Forbidden Bonds book, I have been a fan and a supporter of her work. She has a way of creating this paranormal world where vampires exist, that just captures you.

Lindsey is recently converted to a vampire and learning how to survive in a world she didn’t ask to become a part of. The background of Lindsey and what all she has endured, is utterly devastating. We do get such an amazing story of Lindsey and Kayden though, and that is what I love about this book. Through all the things she has endured, never could she imagine falling for a vampire. She is learning to navigate this world and who to trust, and finds that in Kayden. I don’t know what more to say about these two other than, read it! As Cat has developed these characters over the past years, she has grown so creative as a writer I simply adore this book. This is the best of the series! And for more reasons than I can list here without giving away spoilers.

Throughout this installment we get caught up with our favorite characters, while also getting more behind some that have been in the background before. This however, does still mainly focus on Kayden and Lindsey’s story. I do love reading a series where you never know from one chapter to the next who’s POV you will encounter. In this book, she does just that. We get POV and more to the story of Griffin. Along with that, Tessa. I have been rooting for these two since the first book, and we finally get some answers in Unmerciful.

About Cat Miller

Cat Miller is the bestselling author of the Forbidden Bond Novels, Lucky Devil Series, and the New York Times bestselling Summer Fire Anthology. An avid reader of all genre of romantic fiction, Cat didn’t start writing until one of her daughters dared her to give it a try, and she never looked back.

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