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*Release Blast & Review* One More Time by Laurelin Paige


ONE MORE TIME by Laurelin Paige

Ooops… she did it again.

Laurelin is super excited to share ONE MORE TIME with you early and exclusively through her WEBSITE! Available for purchase for ONE WEEK on all formats! On May 2nd, it will be available only in Kindle Unlimited.

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One More Time by Laurelin Paige

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs

Narrated by Erin Mallon & Rupert Channing

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Available in audio-first, a scorching, heart-tugging new standalone by New York Times
bestselling author Laurelin Paige!
Ten years ago, we were the toast of the town.
Tanner’s acting career had just begun. He was hotter than the stage lights, and twice as
captivating. The gorgeous Australian A-lister was everyone’s teenage dream. And he’d picked me. Or so I thought, until he proved to be as false as everything else about Hollywood. Now I’ve finally scored the perfect opportunity to star in a major film. The kicker? Tanner will be my co-
star. I don’t know if I can do this one more time….
Right now, we’re the talk of the town.
Jenna’s even more beautiful than she was the last time we were together. And just like before, I
can’t keep my hands off her. She still doesn’t know the truth. The secret of what really happened
back then. Now I have the length of this shoot to convince her to rewrite our script. But if I have
her one more time, will once ever be enough?

ONE MORE TIME will be available for purchase on ebook on May 2nd!

My Review

I listened to the Audible of this title and I must say it was one of the first Audible books I’ve listened too that I truly loved! The narrators voices were on point, the story was original, and I found myself counting down the minutes to go to work when I could listen to this in the car!
Tanner and Jenna have such a great chemistry in this book and I loved where Laurelin took their story. This is a story of 2nd chance love, and with a voice like Tanners (Australian), who could not fall in love. They have a bad break up years ago and find themselves cast in the same movie, along side one another. Jenna has always been looking for her big break in Hollywood, but never imagined she’d be cast with her ex, Tanner. When the two find themselves on set across from one another for the first time, the passion is still there, the heat but also the hurt from the past still haunts Jenna.
Can these two navigate the waters of their past and find a way to work as co-stars and perhaps even find a way to start again? Laurelin has presented us such a fun and unique read in One More Time that I can’t wait to get it in print to read it alongside my Audible!


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