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*Promotional Blast* Falling by Dawn Davis



It is 1988 and Leo, Charlotte Lisa Hansen’s grandfather in Book One The Tree of Life, is about to experience a life changing adventure. Leo has just recently moved into the Rose Park mansion at the invitation of his cousin, Dilys, and finds himself awaiting the birth of his first grandchild, Charlotte. His daughter Francine, a whip-smart Toronto lawyer, is pregnant, and pregnancy has done nothing to soften the naturally jagged edges of her personality. When she is hospitalized over concerns with her blood pressure, it appears likely that Francine, incensed over her forced “incarceration” will soon be dragging the entire hospital into court. Leo is beside himself with worry and Dilys deems the situation ripe for Leo’s initiation into the mysteries of the Tower Room.

Suddenly transported to Queenston, Ontario in the year 1813 when the Americans are in control of Fort George during the War of 1812, Leo meets historical figures of the time, principally Laura Secord and her family – Loyalists who have moved to Upper Canada to start a new life.

The startling transposition of time and place changes Leo in ways he will only realize when he returns home – most importantly his relationship with the two young children who become his teachers in methods of survival during a time of war. Not knowing where he is or even who he is, Leo learns quickly what living on the edge is all about. The surprise that awaits him when he returns to his own time is one he could never have imagined.

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