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*Release Blitz* Hot as Hell by Vivian Wood

Hot as Hell

 Vivian Wood

Contemporary Romance
From Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestseller Vivian Wood comes a sexy new STANDALONE romance!
To set a fire, you need a spark.
Lily and Cade always had one, but her brother — Cade’s best friend — kept the tinder damp. Besides, Cade’s a manwhore. When a man is that hot, someone’s always going to get burned. Lily should have learned her lesson the first time she touched fire, when he left town the morning after they finally hooked up.
Yet all these years later, the ember’s still smoldering.
She’s working at the local bakery, in control of the heat… until he walks back into her life. Fresh from the wildfires of Montana, Cade’s lost everything he held dear, and the losses left scars. They soon find that more than ever, they are better together. Their love grows, quick and hot.
Despite what her brother might say, Cade needs what Lily gives him. But there’s no such thing as a controlled burn.

And every secret carries the risk of a backdraft.

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Cade put the drink down and gazed into her eyes. She could sense the fire in him, just below the surface. It matched the flames inside her. His eyes traveled to her lips, which heated up below the smoldering gaze.

She couldn’t’ move as he moved closer, brought up his hand and ran a thumb along her cheek. As he cupped the back of her head, her lips parted in anticipation. She already knew what his lips felt like, tasted like. As he kissed her, softly at first, her body responded and it escalated to unprecedented passion.

Lily let out a soft moan and he pulled back. “Lily,” he said quietly. “I’m into you. Don’t mistake that. But … there are so many reasons why we can’t do this. Elijah, and …” Cade let the words trail away while he moved his chair away.

“It’s not all about you all the time,” she blurted out, irritated. “What if I have my reasons for not wanting you?”

“Good for you, then,” Cade said. He stood up and tossed some cash onto the table. “So, we’re agreed, then?”

Vivian likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery, kick-ass women who bring them to their knees. 
Vivian’s lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song: “Soulmates never die.”
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