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*Release Blitz & Review* ROMEO by Ruby Rowe

ROMEO by Ruby Rowe

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I’m Hollywood’s leading lady, the daughter of a mafia boss, and my stalker’s sick obsession.

Griffin Scott is my new protector, my dominant, and my salvation.

I was taught that blood is thicker than water, but I’ll defy that belief for a future only Griffin can give me.


I’m a man with dark secrets, the black sheep of my notorious family, and a bodyguard to the rich and famous.

Ava Lane is my client, a goddess, and a woman who consumes every ounce of my being.

I was taught that blood is thicker than water, but I’ll strike any deal necessary to keep her. I won’t give Ava up.

ROMEO contains explicit language and graphic sex, including aspects of BDSM.

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My Review

I am a somewhat new fan to Ruby Rowe aka Scarlet Wolfe, having discovered her earlier this year, but every time I pick up one of her books, I am blown away by the story that unfolds in the pages. I am never disappointed and she always surpasses any expectations I have of the story. I have fallen in love with the way she makes me fall in love with the stories she details, in such a way that each of her books is better than the last. Each new story takes me on such an amazing adventure, that I just can’t put it down! You are just pulled into these books and fall in love with every one of her characters. They are flawless and so are the words she brings to life.  


In Romeo, we get the chance to fall in love with Griffin and Ava’s story. Ava is a Hollywood movie star who is seeking something more in her life. She knows she wants to explore more in her life, especially in the bedroom, and knows her life and career aren’t going as she had always dreamed. A change of Bodyguards leads her to the man she never thought she would turn too. When Griffin becomes her primary Bodyguard, there is chemistry between them that they both know is forbidden; her the client, and him the bodyguard. They know they must keep their distance, despite their over whelming connection. But the forces pulling them together are too strong to resist.  


These two ultimately belong to one another. Their spark is so electric that there is nothing that can keep them apart. He has a strong desire to control her in and out of the bedroom, and she is looking for someone to trust and give herself over too.  As things begin to unfold and we find out the inner workings of their Mafia families, how the Romeo stalker situation plays out, and as Ava begins to see who she can trust and who isn’t worthy of her time, the two fall deeper into one another. These two were so fun to read and watch their story play out and watch the chemistry and their connection deepen on such a profound level.  


This book is packed with intense drama, romance, seduction, and even a few moments of intense action. Ruby has found a way to incorporate so many things into Ava and Griffin’s story, that there truly is never a dull moment from cover to cover. I can’t wait to see if this story goes any further or branches out with some of the supporting characters and their stories. Either way, I know the next book I get ahold of by Ruby or Scarlet won’t’ disappoint me and will always blow me away.  


*I received an ARC copy of this title at my request, and am providing this voluntary review* 


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About the Author:

Ruby Rowe began writing in January of 2013 under the pen name Scarlet Wolfe, releasing contemporary and young adult. She soon tried her hand at writing erotica romance and fell in love with the genre.
The pen name Ruby Rowe came about this year when she decided it best to keep her racier books separate from her young adult romances. She also has plans to branch out and release straight erotica, however, she’s a romantic at heart, and believes it will be difficult not to include it in every story.
When not writing, Ruby reads naughty books about possessive, hot alpha males. She has an addiction to Pinterest, pinning all the sensual photos she can find. She loves bacon, coffee, and other flavors of ice cream besides vanilla. 😉 She hopes her writing will allow her readers a reprieve from the real world, giving them an opportunity to live out their fantasies.

Stalk Ruby Online:



Twitter: authorrubyrowe



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