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*Release Blitz* Second Shot by Shandi Boyes


Release Blitz: Second Shot
by Shandi Boyes

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Series: Enigma, Book 10


Available Now!
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Everyone deserves a second shot at love.

Five years ago, my life as I knew it was tragically upended when my wife and unborn son were killed when they were struck by a drunk driver. People often quote that as the years move on, so will my grief. It hasn’t. My grief the past five years has been a sickening mix of remorse and guilt, but when I add the idea of moving on into the volatile concoction, the guilt aspect of my grief becomes crippling. Every breath I take without Jorgie feels like I am betraying her. So shouldn’t spending even a second without her on my mind make it hard for me to breathe? To me, it should, and it’s been that way the past five years … until I glanced into a pair of pretty green eyes clouded with mistrust and anguish. 

For the quickest moment, she made me wish I could go back to the man I was before I lost everything. To know what it felt like to breathe without heaviness sitting on my chest. To smile without guilt. To enjoy the company of a beautiful woman without feeling like I am betraying my wife. I would have given anything to become the man I used to be just for the chance of easing the pain in a pretty stranger’s eyes. For her to see the man I was before I was broken

My wife’s favorite saying was that you can’t fight fate. But fate only brings people together; it is your heart that chooses who gets to stay. But can a man without a heart help a stranger heal hers? Or will my grief break her even more? I guess only time will tell.

From the author who brought you the Perception and Enigma series comes the next heart-thumping story. Can Hawke find love after years of tragedy? Or will his grief be too great to finally set him free?

Due to adult content, sex scene and swear words this book is recommended to those over the age of 18. Warning: This book deals with very emotional elements that may cause triggers for some readers.

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