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*Release Blitz* One Little Word by Elizabeth Perry


Book Blitz: One Little Word

by Elizabeth Perry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Available Now!

I never wanted to see him again.

I thought that I had left him firmly in my past.

First loves … they’re magical, aren’t they? For awhile, you feel amazing, all wrapped up in the fantasy that it could really always be this good. And sometimes, for a few lucky people, it actually all works out. Some people live happily ever after with the very first person that they ever loved.

And then the other times?

You just end up with a damn broken heart.

He stopped loving me.

It hurts to even say it, but it’s the truth. And instead of just being a man and admitting that? He cheated on me, and basically crushed my soul.

So I left.

Hell, I didn’t just leave. I literally fled, driving my beat up old jeep as fast as I could, trying to put as much distance between my hometown of Westmont, Tennessee and me as I possibly could. 

And for the last ten years, I have stayed far away, never allowing myself to as much as glance in my rearview mirror.

I’ve moved on, and managed to heal my very shattered heart.

I haven’t even uttered his name since.

Until … I’m forced to return home.

And guess who just happens to be the very first person that I see when I return?

Yep – you guessed it. Beckett.

He’s not exactly rolling out the welcome wagon, but that’s ok. Because I have no intention of sticking around and digging up the past with him. Yet, he has the nerve to act as if I hurt him. 


All I have to do is handle the business that forced me to come back, and then, I can get the hell out of here.

Should be easy, right?

Except, I didn’t expect him to look even better than he did on the day that I left.

And I certainly didn’t expect to feel that familiar pull that I was never able to resist.

But, I’m older now and wiser. No way will I fall for his charms again.

Can I keep my heart intact this time?

Or am I destined to let him break it all over again?

About the Author

Elizabeth Perry is a Cleveland, Ohio native who now resides in a small town surrounded by the lake in Michigan. Her free time is taken up shuffling her four children all over God’s green earth, which she complains about way more than she should, but wouldn’t change for the world.

She is happily married to a man that gives her great writing material all the time.

By day, she is an emergency room nurse, and by night, she is an avid reader of all things romance and of course, writer of her own romance and happily ever after stories.

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