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*Release Blitz* The Promise of Forever (A Christmas Novella) by Kate L Jessop

The Promise of Forever
K L Jessop
Genre: Romance Contemporary
December: that special time of year that excites me like no other. 
When Tamzin King stumbled into my life two years ago, I knew I had to make her mine.
Which I did.
The promises we made that December have stayed with us. They’ve changed us and created an unconditional love that no one can break. 
She is my everything. 
But when fear of what the future might hold suddenly hits me, it’s enough to knock me off kilter. 
I’m a man who stands by his word. I put those I love first, and I never break the promises I keep. 
Until the day that I do.
“So, how’s the gorgeous mamma-to-be?” Evie asks.
We are sitting in a coffee shop in Regents Street on our much needed lunch date. We weren’t supposed to meet for another two hours but the baby wanted cake, and when the baby wants cake, Mummy has to kill anything within her sights in order to feed the unborn human.
“Uncomfortable as I have a baby dancing in my uterus and missing alcohol. Next question.” It should be me questioning her by the way she’s been acting since we got here. She doesn’t seem herself but then coming from a family that’s larger than the Walton’s and has numerous children in Christmas hype, I’m not surprised she’s a little out of sorts. 
“Any weird and wonderful cravings?”
“Doughnuts,” I state, contemplating whether to lick my plate clean and gain disapproving looks from every skinny girl in here. “Noel and I walked past the Christmas market the other day and in a split second I turned into some possessive feline on the verge of going bat-shit crazy if I didn’t get to the front of the line within thirty seconds.”
She grins with a cocked brow. “That bad, huh?”
“I practically had my head in the bag licking the sugar off the paper.”
“Well, your body clearly needed it.”
“That’s bullshit, Evie. My body doesn’t normally need doughnuts before eight in the morning.”
She sniggers, picking at her chocolate cake that I could quite easily whip from under her nose. “Well the baby obviously needed it.”
“And that’s another thing: if this kid needs shit like that now, then once it’s born it’ll be given an insulin kit.”
That bittersweet word that plays on my mind every goddamn year. Some people love it, I don’t like the fact I still live around it. Like any other child, Christmas for me was the most magical time of all. The winter walks, the smell of fresh cinnamon and candy canes, the excitement in the pit of my stomach where I found it hard to sleep. I loved that.
But once you reach adulthood you soon realise that life is cruel and fairy tales are bullshit! And at twenty-one, that magic and belief were torn from my grasp and I suddenly wanted to be that little girl again.
December now means nothing. Christmas hurts. And the only coldness I feel is what’s congealed around my heart. Nothing would change, and no one could change it. 
Then I met him.
***This novella contains adult/mature young adult situations. It is only suitable for ages 18+ due to language and sexual situations***
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Kate has lived in South West England her entire life just on the edge of Dartmoor where the moorland goes on for days. It’s beautiful, breath-taking and occasionally rather wet. 
She is a dyslexic author and finds things challenging which often leads to banging her head against the wall or searching for vodka. 
Kate loves anything creative, her college years were spent in the art room, she has numerous qualifications in advanced nail art and as well as writing her passion is photography.
She probably swears way more than she should and must be the only woman in history to hate clothes shopping. I know, right?!

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