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*Blog Tour* Meet Me in Room 108 by Nikki Sparxx

Blog Tour: September 18th – 30th

Title: Meet Me in Room 108
Author: Nikki Sparxx
Genre: Sexy Contemporary

 Bachelor millionaire Braden
Thomas never thought one little business card would change his life.
The Platinum. One night will
make your dreams come true. Meet Me in Room 108. Midnight. Anything goes. XOXO
Sabrina 314-447-9865
The mysterious invitation is
too hard for Braden to resist. Once he steps through the doors, he’s thrust
into a world he never knew existed; a world of sex, secrets, and intrigue
beyond his wildest dreams.
Sabrina is a whore for hire,
forced to have sex with anyone who pays the price for Room 108. None of her
clients gave her a second glance … until Braden.
The more nights Braden and
Sabrina spend together, the more he wants. But what he doesn’t know is
Sabrina’s secrets may cost him more than his money can buy.

18+ due to detailed sexual situations and mature

Wow!! What a sexy and
twisted fairytale!!! I loved this story. It was so hot and had a unique
storyline that I loved! I fell in love with Sabrina and Braden! The chemistry
between them was sizzling!! ~
Renee Mcclearly, Amazon Review
This book was so well
written. I didn’t want it to end. I’m really looking forward to more books in
this new series. ~ Pearl Reads, Amazon Review

no such thing as love; I learned that a long time ago. Society created love for
people to have a reason to get through each day; a hope for something worth the
cruel existence we call life. Otherwise, what is there to really live for?
first realized love didn’t exist when my mother spent more time injecting drugs
in her veins than taking care of her own daughter. My memories of her centred
around watching her succumb to her addiction day in and day out, a slave to the
needle and the high she always chased.
she abandoned me when I was nine years old-just up and left in the middle of
the night while her daughter slept. She didn’t even have the decency to say
greater than a mother’s love, right?
if that wasn’t enough to prove that love is complete bullshit, when I was
fifteen, my father sold me to Vlad, the head of the Russian mob in New York in
order to pay off his bookie debts. That’s how I ended up where I am today – a
whore at the most exclusive hotel in New York.
I watch the men who frequent the Platinum take off their wedding rings and hide
them in their pockets each night, forgetting the vows they made to their wives
at home so they can fulfill their deepest fantasies.
if that’s what love is, I don’t want any fucking part of it.

Lover of angst, drama, and happily ever afters, Nikki Sparxx is the bestselling author of The Scar Series, and The Elemental Prophecy Series. When she’s not writing, Nikki enjoys reading, play Texas Hold ‘Em poker, and spending time with her real life book boyfriend, Landon.

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