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*1st EVER Product Review* Lash Boost Serum Results by Rodan & Fields


So let me just give you a little background about me & make-up: prior to using this serum I never felt pretty enough even when I had make-up on! Very sad, but true. I had people comment things to me like, “Why do you shave your eyebrows off”, “Why do you pluck your eyelashes”, and other things that just made my self esteem truly feel at the bottom of the bucket. I have never been a girly girl who would wear make-up other than on special occasions, but then I discovered Rodan & Fields Lash Boost Serum. Within just a few short weeks I was already seeing results and at week 12 I must say I am blown away with my lashes & brow results!

When I started this serum on February 22nd of this year, I was skeptical as most “Miracle” products like this never tend to work for me. But keep reading for results you have to see to believe….

These above photos are me on day one, without mascara (Left) & with (Right)! So as you can see, even when I tried & applied mascara, I still looked like I had no lashes. I have honestly never felt pretty when it came to my attempts at make-up and even with it, it didn’t do anything for me. Looking back at photos now, I just can’t believe where I was just 12 weeks ago. And where I am today….

Top Photo: Day 1, 2nd Photo: 10 Weeks, 3rd Photo: 12 Weeks

This serum is light and goes on smoothly. I simply swipe it on right before bed and leave it on! I have had this bottle since February 22nd, and still have some left in it! So I am estimating this one bottle will last me a full 4 months!!!!


Now keep in mind, I choose to swipe on my eyebrows every night as well, as they are always so light and thin and non-existent, that I really wanted to see what it could do for my brows! If you are just looking for eyelashes, I’m sure this bottle would have lasted me 6+ months!!!!

But look at my eyebrows as well in the photos above & below! I mean, you can defiantly tell they have thickened and darkened. I don’t wear any brow liner, so this is just my natural brows before & after as well!


These are the results I have seen over just 12 weeks with my

Eyelashes & Eyebrows!

I can’t wait to see my 16 weeks & beyond results!


Day 1: No Mascara, Light Eyebrows

FullSizeRender (1)

Week 12: No Mascara, Darker Eyebrows


My results have truly surprised me and blown my mind! I never thought I’d feel confident in they way I looked, and now I do! I just simply do! I can make just mascara work for me and I feel so much more pretty on confident on the inside, that I am a R&F buyer for LIFE! This is a product I won’t discontinue use on, and can’t wait to share my results on my skincare regimen, Soothe, with you! I have always had a redness to my skin and the Soothe line has done miracles as well.

Stay tuned for my results from the Soothe Skin Care line Rodan & Fields offers….



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*I was gifted this amazing serum by the fabulous Rodan & Fields consultant Emily Mikeman Bush,
in exchange for an honest product review of my results*

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1 thought on “*1st EVER Product Review* Lash Boost Serum Results by Rodan & Fields”

  1. Yay I am so glad you loved Lash Boost!!! Your results are dramatic, beautiful, and attainable for anyone else interested in this product!!!


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