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*Blog Tour* SemiViral by Jax Anderson



By Jax Anderson

Cage Fights, a Cannibalistic Virus, and an Unlikely Hero to Save Us All…



People can be cruel. In the age of social media, it’s even easier for bullies to target their victims behind the anonymity of the Internet.

But even the platforms we post on are beginning to fight back. Facebook has opened a new Safety Center and expanded Bullying Prevention Hub, which helps users find tips on how to report abusive and harmful posts, gives access to tools that help people understand and control who is seeing their posts, and offers advice on how to improve account security.

There are many ways to stand up against bullying, and new dystopian thriller novel SemiViral by debut author Jax Anderson explores this through a cannibalistic virus, cage fighting, and an unlikely hero.

Cage fighter Mathew Stemp is known as a hero to some, a criminal to others, and a legend to all who live in northern Utah. As a cannibal virus spreads internationally, the world is torn between two groups, the Exterminationists and the Curists. Mathew leaves his prostitution business to repair his relationship with his brother and his God, but his journey becomes even more difficult when he meets Shaylee, the victim of both the virus and his brother’s bullying.

Finding his brother’s behavior was a result of his own influence, Matt works to help his brother change by befriending a girl who many fear is infected and standing against his old gang to show his brother and community that you can’t judge others without getting to know them.

SemiViral is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Green Ivy Books.

Praise for SemiViral

SemiViral bravely tackles controversial issues such as drug addiction, prostitution and violence, as well as the social stigmas that accompany them.

SemiViral addresses a lot of modern social issues by utilizing characters who believe strongly on opposite sides of issues,” Anderson reveals. “It tackles intense, edgy topics that makes it a thrill to read.”

About the Author

Jax Anderson got his start in writing when he began keeping a journal as a kid. After finding his life was pretty embarrassing, he switched to fiction. SemiViral began when he discovered many individuals in his personal life were intolerant people. Without calling them out individually, he wrote a book with cannibal style living flesh eaters, prostitution, drugs, and Mormons to address what he had been seeing his whole life in a neutrally opinionated manner. Anderson resides in Utah with his wife and young daughter.

For more information, please connect with Jax Anderson on Facebook and Goodreads.

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