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*Release Blast & Review* Over The Edge by Meredith Wild

Over The Edge by Meredith Wild

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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“An intriguing, sexy story about unexpected love and balancing others’ expectations against your heart”
NYT Bestselling Author Shayla Black
“The third book in Wild’s Bridge series is a fantastic read, certain to woo new readers and satiate her returning fans. Over the Edge checks off all the boxes: it’s emotional, intense and extremely sexy. Wild taps into an often thought of as taboo fantasy — one woman sharing two men — and makes it a possibility, allowing the reader to live vicariously through the main character. While this is part of the Bridge series, it’s also effective as a standalone novel.”
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Olivia Bridge has always been a good girl—good grades, good friends, and a good job that her wealthy parents handed her. Desperate to carve out a life that is truly hers, Liv walks away from it all and takes on the challenge of helping her brothers open a chain of fitness centers in New York City. Just as she’s beginning to find her footing in a new place, she’s caught between two men who couldn’t be more determined to turn all her goodness inside out.
Will Donovan has the capital to make the Bridge brothers’ entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Taking their uptight sister to bed seems a reasonable perk for the risk. Liv is the smartest, sexiest prude Will’s ever met, and he can’t wait to break her down.
Life is too short for Ian Savo to play by anyone’s rules. Sharing women with his friend isn’t anything new, so when Will introduces him to Liv, he can’t wait to get a taste. But falling for the same girl, or falling at all, was never in the plans…
The Bridge Series follows Cameron, Darren, and Olivia Bridge, three siblings living in New York City. Desperate to break away from the crushing expectations of their wealthy and privileged and equally broken family, they carve out a new path together. But can they find real love along the way?
Each book follows a different sibling’s journey and can be read as a standalone.

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My Review

*This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.*
I love Meredith Wild and everything she writes. It just seems to get better. This book, Over the Edge, has been by far my favorite of the series so far. She never holds back with her writing and always has fun & sexy surprises in every book.
In Over the Edge, we meet Olivia Bridge. She is trying to find her own way and discover who she really is outside her Parents & their wealth & lifestyle. In her search to find herself, she meets two equally appealing men that fall into her life in a way she could have never imagined. What Olivia isn’t expecting is just what these two men are willing to offer her. Will is in charge of the building of her families gym being built and the banter between them is so much fun to read. She wants her gym a certain way and Will is only willing to bend on things if she is. Figuratively and literally. She is just as attracted to him as she is to his roommate. When she finally gives in to Will, and agrees to see him outside of the gym development, she runs into Ian, his very attractive and equally aggressive roommate. Once presented with what the two have to offer, she isn’t sure how the dynamic will work but, but is so intrigued and attracted to both Will and Ian, she can’t pass up this opportunity. She knows pretty quickly in, that her brothers will have to be kept in the dark or Olivia is scared of what the repercussions could be. Relationships are developed between her and each man individually, and together in a more unique way than I’ve read from recent authors. It’s a fun and very sexy read.
This part of the series was full of excitement, a few plot twists and LOTS of smoking hot encounters between Olivia and Will/Ian. If you are looking for a book like that, this is it! It’s been a while since I’ve been this intrigued with a story about a love triangle/ménage. Meredith doesn’t disappoint, ever, and this Bridge series installment has been hands down my favorite of the series!

About the Author

Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey-appreciator, and hopeless romantic. When she isn’t living in the fantasy world of her characters, she can usually be found at

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