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*Release Blitz* Dr. Hottie by Vivian Woo​d

Dr. Hottie

Vivian Wood

Contemporary Romance

I’m not a big believer in romance. I’m certainly not the type of woman to get drunk, meet a guy, and go to friggin Reno later that night to get married.
But Dr. Hottie himself, AKA Jack Stratton, changed all that. Even if it was all a lie.
Okay, so our relationship is as fake as a bad spray tan. It’s all to show up our mutual exes, make them realize how much they miss us. Can I help it if he’s so ridiculously handsome that simply being near him makes me blush? And when he smiles at me…
Maybe I should’ve nicknamed him Dr. Panty Dropper.
And I admit, part of me is head-over-heels in love with him. How can I not be when he keeps telling me we have to spend time together? We have to keep up the charade. We have to kiss in private so it looks good when we do it for show.

When my ex finally gets the message a month after our “wedding”, I’m left with two options. Go back to the man who the whole town says is right for me… or gather all my courage and strike off in a new direction. A direction that includes a new future that Jack and I make, together.

To celebrate and GET THE WORD OUT, Vivian is giving away a #SIGNED copy of Dr. Hottie, a Vivian Wood tote, a Vivian Wood cup, a salty candle, a beanie tab, and a penis-shaped bath bomb!

Dr. Hottie – Spotify:

“This is a smoking hot story filled with guilt, anger, misunderstandings but so much passion – I just loved it!” ~ Jenn, Amazon.
“Lots of hot sex and a happily ever after is the trademark of a good Vivian Wood story. With no cliffhanger, I strongly recommend you one click for this delightful story.” ~ ResaEdits, Amazon.

He felt like kissing her. She smelled of flowers every time he got close. The rest of the morning unfolded with plenty of close calls. Once, in the dark zone of the cavern where daylight could never reach, he almost couldn’t stop himself. He came close, crouched down to avoid the low overhang. Addy didn’t need to duck at all. Instead, she looked up at him, her chin tilted upward and those plush lips nearly begged him to close the distance between them. 

Yet he resisted. This was a stupid idea, he realized as they made their way through the tightest quarters of the cavern. It required them to be on hands and knees. Addy moved ahead of him, her heart-shaped ass punctuated by the outline of the belt. He steadied his breath but couldn’t look away. It took all his willpower not to grasp that belt, pull her back to him, rip off her clothes and sink his hardness deep inside her. With every inch she moved forward on hands and knees, he grew harder. As they cleared the tunnel, she glanced back at him over her shoulder. Only his headlight illuminated her face. Ask me to take you, right here, he thought. But she didn’t. She only smiled and stood up, brushing her knees with her fingertips. 

“Oh, wow,” she said. “What’s that called?” Addy pulled out her own flashlight to illuminate the swirling column. 

“Helictite,” he said. “They’re amazing, aren’t they?” He prayed she wouldn’t shine the light down and see his raging hard-on. Jack had never been so thankful for the darkness. 

“Thank you for bringing me here,” she said quietly. She reached for his hand and wove her fingers through his easily. It should have been romantic, but it was beyond that. Jack had seen many things in his life, incredible things, but with Addy he saw them with fresh eyes—her eyes. 

Had he come alone or with anyone else, he would have simply ticked it off as another helictite featured in one of his many adventures. She made it different, special. She showed him the wonders right in front of him. He let her lead the way and choose the next fork. As he watched her ass sashay in front of him and her hips swing side to side, he tried to figure it out. He’d never obsessed about a girl so much in his life. But she’s not just any girl, is she? All the others had basically thrown themselves at him. Even Rosalie. He was used to all the games they tried, whether they were flirty or aloof. The ones like Rosalie who were skilled at playing hard to get were still easy to read. Rosalie had slept with him on the third date and swore she’d never done anything like that before. But not Addy. She wasn’t like any of them. It was refreshing, and strange, especially after he’d been awarded his MD title. 

The girls came easily enough before that, but afterward? Even a hint that he was a doctor made the most exquisite of women flock to him. Why was Addy immune to it? If anything, she seemed to be the one trying to keep everything light and breezy. 
Fuck. If this is a game, she’s better at it than I am. Had he met his match? 

Vivian likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery, kick-ass women who bring them to their knees. 
Vivian’s lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song: “Soulmates never die.”
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